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Merry Christmas

December 22, 2009

Dear Holiday Cheer,

Where have you gone?

Come back,

Sydni Rae

I don’t make it a habit to go out shopping the week of Christmas.  Traffic, grumpy people, and the anxiety filled rooms aren’t how I’d choose to spend a day.  However, my family always waits to the end to buy stuff.  Today I realized that the holiday cheer has been sucked out of most shoppers when a lady made me feel bad for her cutting in front of me.  I, in monotone-like syllables (all emotion drained by this point in the afternoon)  told her that I was in fact in line only to have an unapologetic response tossed my way.  Ok…..  I let it go.  I may have been tired and lacked pep but I wasn’t angry at the world.  I’ve always wondered if I do have super hero abilities and could become completely invisible.  Some days I am almost certain I do.

When I got home I was greeted with boxes of holiday products in from the press.  None of which are for me, but I felt like it was Christmas morning already!!  My first set of coffee table books finally arrived and I couldn’t wait  to deliver them.  I LOOOOOOVE presents that have memories tied in.  If I had a choice I’d make Christmas a Martha Stewart like event and demand presents only be given with sentimentality.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate gift cards as much as the next gal, but I probably won’t remember it next year.

It is driving me crazy that I can’t show you these awesome books, but seeing as they are for presents and the receivers may stumble upon this blog before Friday those images will remain in the vault until then.  To tide you over and give you a little holiday cheer, Max graced the cover of the annual christmas dog card this year (only 2 years running… it will be a tradition soon enough!).

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